Power Favorites - Powerful Bookmark Manager





What's New

  • Added support for Google Chrome
  • Added count of visits for bookmarks
  • Added import bookmarks from Powermarks
  • Improved search speed



Easy to manage thousands of bookmarks

  • Rapidly search large volumes of bookmarks.
  • Find new bookmarks in the Recent folder.
  • Navigate your bookmarks via tag cloud or tag list.
  • Take your bookmarks with you, everywhere.

Automatically synchronize bookmarks between computers

  • SSL support secures your privacy. 
  • del.icio.us support for sharing bookmarks. 
  • Auto-merge local bookmarks while synchronizing.

Detect dead links and duplicates in bookmarks

  • Rapidly detect dead links.
  • Rapidly find duplicates.
  • Select redundant bookmark automatically.

Launch bookmarks quickly

  • Browser-Independent - the same collection works with different browsers (compatible with all popular Windows browsers).
  • Quickly open your bookmarks via the Float Button.
  • Quickly add bookmark by bookmarklet
  • Make quick picks from the Hot List.
  • Access your bookmarks without opening a browser.


  • Seamlessly integrated with Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Auto-builds tags on import from Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Easy-to-learn explorer-style user interface.


Why use Power Favorites

  • Do you use several computers in the home and office?
  • Is it a pain to keep your favorites synchronized?
  • Have you lost valuable bookmarks after reinstalling your system?
  • Do you ever spend ages looking for a favorite from months ago? 
  • Do you like to use different browsers to surf web?

Power Favorites helps you to solve these problems.

Power Favorites (formerly XBEL Bookmark Manager), is a bookmark manager for Windows that helps you organize and synchronize your bookmarks. It takes bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera, merges them into one file, and automatically synchronizes them between computers. You can use it to detect dead links and duplicates if you have many bookmarks.

Each bookmark can be personalized with notes and tags. The fast, integrated search function makes it easy to locate your bookmark. The hot list and recent list folder allow you visit the bookmark you frequently visit quickly. You can also view your bookmarks by tag list and tag clouds, and easily share them or mail them to your friends.

For more information, see

How to sync favorites with Power Favorites


"Ease-of-use, syncing from multiple sources, tag clouds, and sorting features combine to make Power Favorites attractive and useful for any level user."

From Download.com Editor Review


"...its features are organized in the way that takes the best possible of in-browser bookmarks, online bookmarks service and stand-alone app..."

From 3d2f.com



System Requirements

  • File size: 1.4M

  • Supported OS: Win 2000/XP/2003

  • Special requirements: Internet connection, A delicious account