Customizing Skins

Open skin setting dialog

There are two ways to open the skin setting dialog.

1. Right click any window, and choose menu "Edit Skin...".

2. Right click any window, choose menu "Setting...", switch to Appearance, select the skin name you want to edit and click button "Edit skin".

Edit Skin

We use pixel as the base unit for calculating the position and width for each window.


The width of Calendar is defined in "Background" even if there is no a really picture. Height is related with font size of "Day" and top position of "Day", and can't be set directly.  Another important value is "Space " of "Day". It will determine how width will use between day numbers.


You can select any your favorite fonts to set the calendar. Font name, size, color are supported for each item. "Month", "Year", "Day of the week", "Week number" use default shadow to get better effect.


For making full transparency calendar, you should keep the picture file box empty. If you want to use some picture as background, please select a picture file and adjust the margin values. Margin is used to scale image which define  non-scaled part of the images borders.


For task and appointment window, header is the title. You can use a image file or text to set it. Because header is always in small size, there is no need to scale it when use a image. It will show as its origin size.