Bookmark manager works with Chrome

Google launched the browser wars with Chrome. However, “Bookmark support is still very limited in Chrome and it lacks a full bookmark management interface.” After doing some work, we found a way to work with Chrome at last.

Because Firefox addon is not supported by Chrome yet. We need use Bookmarklet to add the bookmark from Chrome. The steps are quite simple.

1. Goto the url:

2. Drag the link from web page to the bar.
create bookmarklet with Chrome

3. Click Add Power Favorites to add the new bookmark. There will be a message box to ask you if you’d like to launch an application, just click “Launch application” to continue.
Chrome message


New bookmark addon for Firefox 3.0

A new release of bookmark adddon for Firefox is avaiable now. It supports to work with Firfox 3.0. Power Favorites users can download it from here.


Public Google Calendars for NBA 2008

Here are the calendars for 2008 NBA.

Boston Celtics Calendar (NBA)
Charlotte Bobcats Calendar (NBA)
Chicago Bulls Calendar (NBA)
Cleveland Cavaliers Calendar (NBA)
Dallas Mavericks Calendar (NBA)
Denver Nuggets Calendar (NBA)
Detroit Pistons Calendar (NBA)
Golden State Warriors Calendar (NBA)
Houston Rockets Calendar (NBA)
Indiana Pacers Calendar (NBA)
Los Angeles Clippers Calendar (NBA)
Los Angeles Lakers Calendar
Memphis Grizzlies Calendar (NBA)
Miami Heat Calendar (NBA)
Milwaukee Bucks Calendar (NBA)
Minnesota Timberwolves Calendar (NBA)
N Orleans/OKC Hornets Calendar (NBA)
New Jersey Nets Calendar (NBA)
New York Knicks Calendar (NBA)
Orlando Magic Calendar (NBA)
Philadelphia 76ers Calendar (NBA)
Phoenix Suns Calendar (NBA)
Portland Trail Blazers Calendar (NBA)
Sacramento Kings Calendar (NBA)
San Antonio Spurs Calendar (NBA)
Seattle SuperSonics Calendar (NBA)
Toronto Raptors Calendar (NBA)
Utah Jazz Calendar (NBA)
Washington Wizards Calendar (NBA)

If you’d like to subscribe the calendars on desktop, you can take our free desktop calendar.

New Update (March 11,2008):

NOAA has changed their icons again. Please download the latest version with the change. If you do not like the new installation, please download HtmlConfig.xml and replace the old one. The file exists in c:\program files\desksware (PlainSight Desktop Calendar) or C:\Documents and Settings\(Login name)\Application Data\Desksware\ical (Desktop iCal).
The weather icons did not show correctly with some version. It is because that NOAA changed the weather data format. We’ve modified the program and uploaded the latest version on our site. Here are the links:
PlainSight Desktop Calendar

Desktop iCalendar Pro

Please download the latest version if the issue occurs on your computer.


We’re happy to announce the release of Desktop iCalendar Lite.
Desktop iCalendar Lite is a free desktop calendar for windows. It allows you to manage your events, to-do list on desktop. It allows subscribing public Google Calendar, such as holidays, election or NBA. It is full customizable. A build in skin editor makes it easy to set the skin by your own taste. Desktop iCalendar is full compatible with iCalendar standard, and can work with the calendars created by Thunderbird Lightning, Sunbird.

Any comments are welcome.

Product URL:

Download :

desktop calendar screenshot

Do you always have many things to do? Desktop iCalendar can help you a lot.

Desktop iCalendar, our new product, is a handy calendar software that can work with Google Calendar. It allows you to download your Google Calendar and edit them offline. It is easy to sync your local calendar with Google. And it allows saving task list in Google Calendar. You can use this feature to share your calendar and task list with your teammates. Local weather forcast is also supported.

More info:
Download URL:


PlainSight Desktop Calendar 2.4.1

calendar iconWith PlainSight Desktop Calendar 2.4.1, you can select different message stores in Outlook. And it improves the way to detect the data state of  Outlook. When  you add or modify an  appointment with Outlook, it will refresh itself automatically.

We also changed the format of the appointments displayed. The start date is placed in front of the subject. It is easier to read than before.

We have just released PlainSight Desktop Calendar 2.4.0. This is a maintenance release.

New: Blue-black skin.

Blue-black style

New: Refresh appointment window after adding an appointment with Outlook started directly.

Fix: Position of windows maybe not saved.

Fix: Try to connect to the weather server when skin is modified.


Power Favorites 1.6.1 released

This is a maintenance release with adds two new functionality: the ability to add new bookmark by bookmarklet and  sync folder automatically when adding a new bookmark .

  • – NEW: Auto Sync the folder when you add new bookmark.
  • – NEW: You can create a new bookmark by click the  Add to Power Favorites bookmarklet on your bookmark toolbar.
  • – FIX: The export to Firefox, Opera did not work correctly.
  • – FIX: Import from Firefox did not work correctly.
  • – IMPROVED: Auto sort the bookmark list by create date when you select a tag or folder.

Many people like to collect the bookmarks. But when the bookmark amount grows, it is hard to manage them. It is a waste if you can’t find any useful bookmarks quickly. The more bookmarks you add, the less you can find.  There are three ways to improve the productivity when you surf the web .

1. Use tags. Tags are keywords which are related to the content. Most of social bookmark sites take this way to help user for keeping their bookmarks. (, Blogmarks, etc). One advantage for tags is that you do not need experience the pain to consider which folder you should put the bookmark in. Just save the bookmark with the related tags you are familiar with, and you can pick them easily again.

2. Use Recent and Hot List. As 80-20 rule , people often use 80% of time to browse 20% bookmarks. Bookmarks which are added recently is a part of the 20% . And you should put all the bookmarks you access frequently in a hot list folder. So you can easy find them.

3. Use Hotkey. Keyboard is much faster than mouse. You can use CTRL+ALT+A To launch the bookmark manager. And you can customize the hotkey in the Option window. You can use up, down, right, left arrow to switch the focus among the search box, the tag list and the results list too.

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