Google Calendar Sync Issue

Google Calendar upgraded to v3 on Nov 17,2014. All the old Apis are deprecated. It made that Desktop iCalendar is not able to sync with it. We’re working on this issue now. The new version will release in the next week.

Thanks for your patience.

  • Columbus J Hinton BA, BS,

    When will the problem with google calendar be fixed? The post said this week. But nothing has been done.

  • alilorr

    I agree. I depend on the sync to Google Calendar service I paid for in my sub. Fixed ‘next week’ was 2 weeks ago.

  • frustrated user

    Our office depends on the sync function with google calendar. I agree on Nov. 17 said it would be fixed next week and that was two weeks ago.

  • linco

    any word on when this will be fixed??

  • Columbus J Hinton BA, BS,

    Guest we will continue to was another month or two

  • Columbus J Hinton BA, BS,

    Worst the second best ccalender is no more also

  • ND

    please do fix this software

  • Dr.Pukal

    When will this problem be fixed. It’s already 2 weeks!

  • Columbus J Hinton BA, BS,

    Got tired of waiting for them to fix it. And had to pay for another (Rainclaender) to replace it. Still would use ical if they would fix it.

  • Columbus J Hinton BA, BS,

    Finally uninstalled it. People who paid for the full version should not have had to wait so long for them to fix. At the most could have been given a progress update other than their recent posts.

  • Paul

    Everyone new version of iCalendar is out. It’s version Thank You. Love this calendar for keeping the office updated.

  • Still Frustrated

    The new version doesn’t sync with any of your old information on your google calendar. It syncs with anything new you put in the calendar but nothing from before you install the update.

  • JimB

    Where is this update?

  • User

    Please fix. I can’t sync anything that was previously entered into my google calendar. Only the new events I put in will sync with iCalendar. I have important information I need to have synced with my calendar. Thank You

  • annrusnak

    I uninstalled this calendar because of all the errors. Yes I did pay for
    the pro version. I just downloaded the latest “fixed” version and it
    still doesn’t work.

    I’m trying to add my google calendar and when
    I get to the window that says click next to open browser window and
    when I do I get a long error message saying it’s Retrieve calendar list
    failed could not load file or assembly… now what?

  • ND

    install the latest version,, google is now populating iCalendar with events old and new :)

  • Dr.Pukal

    After installing, it did install but did not sync with google calender. After uninstalling and cleaning with Advance System care, installation went smoothly. I now added the calender from google calender, it now works well so far, and syncs with google calender.

  • Update is getting there. syncs prior information now. But it only lets you sync one google calendar. I want to sync numerous. Office, Personal, Parents. Please fix so I can add more than one calendar.

  • JimB

    OK, sync is working and all seems well. Still having issue with back button on desktop monthly calendar. It closes iCalender when click it??

  • drpukla

    Noted that new version does not sync task though sync calender seems to working fine

  • Vladimir

    Still the iCalendar doesn’t synchronize with google calender. It seems it can only read google calendar, but is not able to make changes into google calendar.
    I bought the program, which worked fine, but then the calendar stopped to synchronize. I have quite a busy schedule and enter events from three different locations. As the result of the problem I missed 3 important meetings. And now it’s more than 3 (three!!!) weeks of essential, crucial problems being still there, not fixed by now! No temporary solutions (e.g., provide with “updating” back to the previous version, which worked), not even information on the progress… Nothing! Apart from technical side, it’s just very disrespectful towards customers of the service. And if previously I definitely recommended this software to my colleagues and friends, and I was patient all these weeks… now it’s too much. I will definitely recommend to AVOID THIS PROGRAM!!! as simply (1) unreliable, (2) unpredictable, (3) extremely slow and bad service and (4) zero information provided.
    It’s sad, it used to be a good one.

  • CharlesF

    I see some people are still having sync problems – and multiple calendar problems, so thought I’d post my (odd) install route that has worked. This is on an up to date version of Win7.
    Like most people I really wanted Ical to work again, so when was released I installed it over the top of the old Ical version. Usually this would leave the old entries and settings intact, so I wasn’t pleased to find a plain blank version of the programme, with no calendar entries. I needed the entries, so tried a system restore to get them back. Windows said the restore had failed, but I got back the calendar entries and the old version.
    After writing these down (painful) I reinstalled .528 over the top again, and this time the settings and entries did survive, including sync info to two google calendars – mine and my wife’s. We can now both do an entry from Ical through google calendar to android phones, or in reverse, with all syncing correctly, and cross display between our calendars.
    All this could be coincidence, and may be impossible to replicate, but might be of help to someone. It does seem to indicate that 528 can work, even if it isn’t doing so for some people.
    Charles F

  • Mark Stone

    Sorry for the inconvenience. The latest version has been released. It solved the issue.

  • Mark Stone

    Thanks for your feedback. The feature will be added to the next version.

  • Mark Stone

    The new version is available now.

  • Mark Stone

    Sorry for the inconvenience. The new version is available now. And it has been tested.

  • Vladimir

    Thanks you Mark. I updated to, but the problem still remains. Adding events to iCalendar doesn’t do anything with the Google calendar: the even do not appear there. And yes, my default (and the only calendar) is my Google calendar. And yes, I tried to press “Sync with remote calendar”. Any ideas?

  • Vladimir

    And btw, iCalendar is not able to “read” events from Google calendar either.

  • BAL

    We annually compile a 12-month calendar–separate calendar for each month. It is loaded w/birthday listings–most repeat annually. Is there a way to ‘automatically transfer’ birthday listings from one year to another? If yes, also advise best method to handle deletions/additions?