After months of hard work, we are pleased to announce the release of Desktop iCalendar 3.0,  which is capable to synchronize with iPhone Calendar and Reminders.  Other than that, an extra explorer window  is provided for you to mange your work easier.

To sync with iPhone Calendar and Reminders, please follow steps below:

  1. Right click on the calendar window, and select “Manage Calendars…”
  2. Click “New…” button
  3. Select “iPhone calendar” and click on the next button.Add iPhone Calendar to desktop calendar wizard
  4. Input the iCloud account and password associate with your iPhone device.
  5. Check the check box of the calendars and reminders you want to synced with.
  6. Cick on the “Finish” button to sync the calendar tasks and reminders to your Desktop iCalendar.

To open the explorer window,  pleass right click on the calendar window,  and select “Open Explorer”,  the Explore would be opened as following.

Event explorer

To get this release , please visit our product page.

  • Brett

    It would be handy if “Open Explorer” was the default action for a double-click on the tray icon.

  • Steven

    Just tried it, but for some weird reason loads of appointments that I deleted from my icloud calendar weeks ago still appear in my iDesktop calendar. Is this a bug? New appointments nicely pop up though, so it is syncing