Sync with Google tasks

After two months of hard work, we’re pleased to bring to you Desktop iCalendar 2.0, a much improved new version with capability to synchronize with Google Tasks.
To sync with Google Tasks, just follow steps below:
  • 1. Right click the calendar window, and select “Manage Calendars…”
  • 2. Click “New…” button.
  • 3. Select “Add personal Google Calendar or Google Tasks ” and click Next button.
Select Google Tasks to add

Select Google Tasks to add

  • 4. Input your Google Account and password, and click Next button
  • 5. Make the node in the “Google Tasks” checked and click Next button.
  • 6. Click “Finish” button to download the task to desktop.
Desktop iCalendar 2.0 also supports sub-tasks of Google Tasks. You can just drag&drop a task to set it as a child of another task or rearrange orders of tasks in the task list.

One of the main advantages of Google Tasks is that you can use it on your mobile device apps. Here are the some nice apps that support Google Tasks:

With Desktop iCalendar, you can keep your task lists on both desktop and mobile.
For more information, please click on the links below:
  • Karla

    I purchased the full version today and i get an error when I try to synch with google calendar, i was also trying to synch with other computer and didnt find an option to do so. Any one have a solution to that?

  • Mark Stone

    Please right click the calendar window, select “About”, click “Bug report” button to send the log. I will check what the issue is.

    And to sync with other computers, you just need add the same Google Calendar to your calendar list. Desktop iCalendar will sync the calendar every 10 minutes by default.

  • Karla

    Thank you Mark I just sent you the log

  • Vicky Suprayogi Ibrahim Karno

    can i upgrade? old data will be saved.

  • Mark Stone

    Yes, old data will be saved.

  • Andrew Gilroy

    I am having trouble syncing my google account. I had a previous account that synced fine but my new account does not.

    MSG: Invalid Credentials

    My old account address was simple enough i.e

    My new address has a period after my first initial i.e

    Could this be the reason why it wont work? My Android phone calender and other apps are able to access this new address.


  • J

    I just purchased Icalendar and I can’t get it to sync with my google calendar. I get the following error. x_yahoo_calendar_action_mobile not found. Not sure why, since I’m not trying to access a yahoo calendar. Help anyone?

  • k

    Will there be another update soon ? Two problems I’ve noticed: when using google calendar which shows facebook events, icalendar has no option to show a multiday event only on the first day. It’s just a bit annoying when party’s show up on friday and saturday. Other problem is when I click the desktop shortcut in my taskbar (vista), the calendar dissapears, even when I choose the option ‘stay on desktop’ at appearance options. Overall a good job though, nice looking calendar.

  • mzungu

    Is there a way to only display items overdue/due today?

  • Gautam Rajanna

    I have installed icalendar light. I am not able to sign in with my google account to sync with google tasks. I get an error message saying “invalid credentials”. Could you please help me resolve this. This application has a great feature set. I would gladly purchase the pro version if this works well for me.

  • Gautam Rajanna

    Looks like the sign in problem was because my password had special characters. I changed my password to one without any special characters and it signed in just fine. Seems like a strange restriction to have though.

  • Gautam Rajanna

    Try changing your account password to one without special characters. That fixed it for me.

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  • timmy

    When I try to sync with Google Calendar I get the error “Retrieve calendar list failed”. Full error message in attachment. Any clue?

  • lls

    Since I re-install windows 7 every six months or so I have the calendar database on a 2nd harddrive. Both harddrives have the same speed ratings. It takes forever for icalendar lite to access the database on the 2nd drive. Is there anyway to speed up icalender so it doesn’t take so long to load?

  • Columbus J Hinton BA, BS,

    I to have this problem. It was supposed to be fix this week but as of yet it has not. Does anyone have any idea when it will be fixed?

  • Columbus J Hinton BA, BS,

    December 4th 2014 and it still isn’t fixed

  • PMS

    It’s Dec 6, 2014. I was told to download a new version, but now I get different error messages. I’m sick of this, I had HIGH hopes of a desktop calendar that I could share appts and information with my family members so we’d all know our schedules. This stinks!

    Desksware… please… get it together and fix this problem. I NEED my calendar in working order.

  • Mark Stone

    It has been solved already.

  • Mark Stone

    Please download the latest version. The problem has been solved.

  • Gavin Hindman

    I had to delete my old google calendar account and re-add it – everything’s working fine after that.

  • DocGandalf

    Icalendar is not reading my calendar, when I try to add it I get the following: