Desktop iCalendar 1.6 is Released

We are proud to announce the release of Desktop iCalendar 1.6. It is a must upgrade version for current Desktop iCalendar users. It is more stable and robust than before. Windows 7 support is also added. It is 100% free for our registered users.

screen shot of new version

The changes include:

  • Fix day-light issue
  • Fix  time zone issue
  • Add multiple Google Account support
  • Improve the skin designer

You can download it at here. Please just feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions.

  • Jean Bordeaux

    I have just downloaded desktop icalendar 1.6. I am getting the google calendar event items to sync but not the to do list. is that supposed to sync? or am I just out of luck on that one?

  • Michael Scott

    I am having the same problem with tasks and syncing to goog cal

  • Scott Reynolds

    This new version looks very nice. Unfortunately, it does not seem to support dual monitors. Do you have any plans to add such support in future?

  • Mark Stone

    Thanks for your feedbacks.

    To Jean:
    You can sync your Todo list by Desktop iCalendar on different PCs. But the todo list won’t show on Google Tasks. It is because Google does not release the public API for tasks yet. We’ll add it as Google decide to publish it.

    To Scott:
    We’ll check the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

  • prefab

    Any chance of getting an update to lite ?

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  • Mark Stone

    To Prefab:

    A new upgrade for Lite version is available now. Please just download it from

  • Carlo

    I have version 1.7.1 but when I try to upgrade it deleted my skin.xml [my settings]
    what is going on?

  • Kim


    I didn’t see it listed, but I was quite excited to see the CalDav option to connect to Yahoo calendar. I added the calendar, but it doesn’t seem to sync. Strangely enough the To Do List transferred to Deskware calendar, but the Calendar didn’t. Anyone know of a solution?


  • Kim

    Yahoo Calendar is syncing with Desktop iCalendar! I don’t know how often, but it’s doing it.

    This is a MUST HAVE to stay organized!


  • Me

    Is there a sound when the reminder occurs ? I just see the pop up.

    Does the WAV file for announcements play when the alarm is activated ?

  • kelly

    I have two seperate computers, do i have to buy it twice, once for each computer? Or can I buy one and download it onto each computer? I have sent several emails and none of them have been answered, it’s been about a month and nobody has got back to me yet. Thanks

  • Lonnie G

    Hello, I have been interested in your products and would like to add them to my website. I have tried your contact email but had came back as undeliverable.

    I would like to place your products onto my website. Would you email me back if interested?

    Thank you

  • Tracey

    I have now downloaded the paid version and it still changes the time whenever I add an event… it does not look like I will be buying this calendar.

  • bob

    I am trialing Desktop iCalendar, its very good but in my opinion lacking some vital functions, here they are:

    (1). For proper integration with google calendar, the alarm setting choices should allow for 3 alarms not just one i.e. not just a selection of all possible google alarm type choices. In Google Calendar i have some events that have all 3 types of alarm/reminder set i.e. popup, sms & email with different timing for all 3. This is not accommodated for in Desktop iCalendar.

    (2). Allow for time settings like 05:00 to 05:00, meaning 0 mins between start and end time, you can do this in Google Calendar but not in Desktop iCalendar.

    (3). Also and most important, the user should be allowed to choose what type of sync they want to do i.e.

    – Full sync i.e. both ways (as it currently is).
    – Desktop to Google Calendar server only!
    – Google Calendar server only to Desktop only!

    If these changes are made, then and only then will Desktop iCalendar be the top desktop calendar app.
    – Full sync

  • Dave

    I have migrated from “Active Desktop Calendar” v7.93 to Desktop iCalendar v1.9.3. D iC is by far more user friendly and works correctly right out of the box. D iC sync’d with both my Google Cal and and my wife’s Google Cal first try!!

    We have D iC on her home office PC and all 3 laptops. We can see each others appointments so there is never a conflict with time.

    Although you can’t sync with “Tasks”… that may be a Google thing? If it is possible to show Google Tasks I’m sure the folks here at DesksWare will soon have it avalible.

  • Ally

    I’ve used the lite, liked it so far but now I have paid for and gotten a registration number for the full version, I do not see where I can register the new number through the lite version. Where do I get the full version if I already paid for it and got a registration number.
    Online just wants me to buy again.

  • Ian

    Yes, yesterday I downloaded the the lite version to see if it suited me, and it does.

    So the obvious path to go was to pay for it, so I swent off my details and I got the reg. number.
    I also cannot discover where I can register the number.
    I emailed “master” with the details.

    I’ll wait for a suitable period has elapsed and then decide what I’ll do.

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  • gretchen

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