New bookmark manager released

I am glad to announce our new bookmark manager,  Power Favorites 1.7.1 is available now.There are many new features added for Chrome and other popular browsers.

1. Add bookmark by icons in the tray.


Just click left icon while using Chrome to browse a web page. A new bookmark windows will pop up. Input the tags and choose the share option  if you’d like to share the bookmark to

    add bookmark from chrome

To add bookmark silently, just click the right icon. There will be a hint to inform if the bookmark is added successfully.

2. Add bookmark by hot key. By default, the setting is:

Ctrl+Alt+1 Add current web page to power favorites

Ctrl+Alt+2 Add current web page to power favorites  silently

Ctrl+Q Open the bookmark manager window

3. Detect  Chrome when the first running.

4. Add bundle for tags.

Here is the link to download.

You can get more information on: bookmark manager home page.

Any feedback is very appreciated.

  • Alex

    There seems to be a problem. When i press Ctrl+Alt+1 to add a bookmark, a window pops up, i create a new folder and then i click ok. If i open the program’s main interface, i cannot see the newly created folder in my Bookmark Library(until program restart that is)….

  • Tim McCarthy

    I was looking for a bookmarks manager to replace Powermarks. so far, your program more than fits the bill. It uploaded my Powermarks bookmarks perfectly, and once I downloaded your program at my office, I synced using my account password and it worked perfectly. I have only used it for a week, but so far- perfect.

    I do have one concern: just as Powermarks up and left, how do I know that you will not do the same once I have bought the program

  • Rodrigo


    I like Favoritus:

    save bookmarks online, very good to be the initial page, because users can associate their links with own made icons.

  • Klein

    So once you install this, I assume that you are expected to no longer use the built in Bookmark Manager (my primary is IE)? If so, it would be nice if you would sync the local copy of the of the browser bookmarks to the local copy of Power Favorites and then run your outside sync.

  • http://na Terry Zeyen

    Greetings Desksware:

    I tried sending this problem via your contact email but it bounced back saying that the mailbox was full so i am hoping to reach you viea this comment. Also please let me know if there is a phone number where help can be reached.

    I am demoing the desktop calendar and am experiencing a problem.When someone sends me an invitation to attend a series of meetings which are scheduled every Monday at a certain time, and then later when I am informed that certain of the upcoming meetings are cancelled, when I go to my calendar and delete just one occurrence of the meeting, although it disappears from my calendar, it continues to appear in the Desktop Calendar list. Is there a way to correct this? Thank you.

  • Roland Reddekop

    Will you be updating Power Fav’s to work with Firefox 3.5.3 anytime soon?

  • Zee

    Is there a way to edit a tag (so all bookmarks are auto-updated to be tagged with the new tag, instead of changing the tag in all bookmarks)?

    In other words: I change a tag. All bookmarks that have the old tag will be updated with the new tag.


  • Sean


    I was wondering what your plans are for the future of Power Favorites?

    It is simply the best bookmark manager there is…period.

    I’d like to recommend it to other people and get my family members to buy it and start using it (I look after everyone’s computers), but it seems that it hasn’t been updated in a while and the add-on for current versions of firefox are not working properly.

    Do you think you will be keeping it under active development? If so, when will we see the next update and fixed plug-in for FF and official windows 7 support?

    It’s a great great great product!

    Please keep up with it!

    If you are going to cease development, can you consider donating the project to the open source community so that it can live on?

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  • Sean

    So is this product and website dead?

    I’m living in terror of Power Favorites never being updated and I’m very afraid that when Firefox 4.0 comes out (soon) Power Favorites will stop working entirely.

    Oh mighty developer at Desksware? Are you here?

    Will you ever update this?

    If not, ever….donate the source to sourceforge please!

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