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New bookmark manager released

I am glad to announce our new bookmark manager,  Power Favorites 1.7.1 is available now.There are many new features added for Chrome and other popular browsers.

1. Add bookmark by icons in the tray.


Just click left icon while using Chrome to browse a web page. A new bookmark windows will pop up. Input the tags and choose the share option  if you’d like to share the bookmark to

    add bookmark from chrome

To add bookmark silently, just click the right icon. There will be a hint to inform if the bookmark is added successfully.

2. Add bookmark by hot key. By default, the setting is:

Ctrl+Alt+1 Add current web page to power favorites

Ctrl+Alt+2 Add current web page to power favorites  silently

Ctrl+Q Open the bookmark manager window

3. Detect  Chrome when the first running.

4. Add bundle for tags.

Here is the link to download.

You can get more information on: bookmark manager home page.

Any feedback is very appreciated.