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New Update (March 11,2008):

NOAA has changed their icons again. Please download the latest version with the change. If you do not like the new installation, please download HtmlConfig.xml and replace the old one. The file exists in c:\program files\desksware (PlainSight Desktop Calendar) or C:\Documents and Settings\(Login name)\Application Data\Desksware\ical (Desktop iCal).
The weather icons did not show correctly with some version. It is because that NOAA changed the weather data format. We’ve modified the program and uploaded the latest version on our site. Here are the links:
PlainSight Desktop Calendar

Desktop iCalendar Pro

Please download the latest version if the issue occurs on your computer.


We’re happy to announce the release of Desktop iCalendar Lite.
Desktop iCalendar Lite is a free desktop calendar for windows. It allows you to manage your events, to-do list on desktop. It allows subscribing public Google Calendar, such as holidays, election or NBA. It is full customizable. A build in skin editor makes it easy to set the skin by your own taste. Desktop iCalendar is full compatible with iCalendar standard, and can work with the calendars created by Thunderbird Lightning, Sunbird.

Any comments are welcome.

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desktop calendar screenshot

Do you always have many things to do? Desktop iCalendar can help you a lot.

Desktop iCalendar, our new product, is a handy calendar software that can work with Google Calendar. It allows you to download your Google Calendar and edit them offline. It is easy to sync your local calendar with Google. And it allows saving task list in Google Calendar. You can use this feature to share your calendar and task list with your teammates. Local weather forcast is also supported.

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