Archive for June, 2007

We have just released PlainSight Desktop Calendar 2.4.0. This is a maintenance release.

New: Blue-black skin.

Blue-black style

New: Refresh appointment window after adding an appointment with Outlook started directly.

Fix: Position of windows maybe not saved.

Fix: Try to connect to the weather server when skin is modified.


Power Favorites 1.6.1 released

This is a maintenance release with adds two new functionality: the ability to add new bookmark by bookmarklet andĀ  sync folder automatically when adding a new bookmark .

  • – NEW: Auto Sync the folder when you add new bookmark.
  • – NEW: You can create a new bookmark by click theĀ  Add to Power Favorites bookmarklet on your bookmark toolbar.
  • – FIX: The export to Firefox, Opera did not work correctly.
  • – FIX: Import from Firefox did not work correctly.
  • – IMPROVED: Auto sort the bookmark list by create date when you select a tag or folder.