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Many people like to collect the bookmarks. But when the bookmark amount grows, it is hard to manage them. It is a waste if you can’t find any useful bookmarks quickly. The more bookmarks you add, the less you can find.  There are three ways to improve the productivity when you surf the web .

1. Use tags. Tags are keywords which are related to the content. Most of social bookmark sites take this way to help user for keeping their bookmarks. (, Blogmarks, etc). One advantage for tags is that you do not need experience the pain to consider which folder you should put the bookmark in. Just save the bookmark with the related tags you are familiar with, and you can pick them easily again.

2. Use Recent and Hot List. As 80-20 rule , people often use 80% of time to browse 20% bookmarks. Bookmarks which are added recently is a part of the 20% . And you should put all the bookmarks you access frequently in a hot list folder. So you can easy find them.

3. Use Hotkey. Keyboard is much faster than mouse. You can use CTRL+ALT+A To launch the bookmark manager. And you can customize the hotkey in the Option window. You can use up, down, right, left arrow to switch the focus among the search box, the tag list and the results list too.