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New bookmark manager released

I am glad to announce our new bookmark manager,  Power Favorites 1.7.1 is available now.There are many new features added for Chrome and other popular browsers.

1. Add bookmark by icons in the tray.


Just click left icon while using Chrome to browse a web page. A new bookmark windows will pop up. Input the tags and choose the share option  if you’d like to share the bookmark to

    add bookmark from chrome

To add bookmark silently, just click the right icon. There will be a hint to inform if the bookmark is added successfully.

2. Add bookmark by hot key. By default, the setting is:

Ctrl+Alt+1 Add current web page to power favorites

Ctrl+Alt+2 Add current web page to power favorites  silently

Ctrl+Q Open the bookmark manager window

3. Detect  Chrome when the first running.

4. Add bundle for tags.

Here is the link to download.

You can get more information on: bookmark manager home page.

Any feedback is very appreciated.


Bookmark manager works with Chrome

Google launched the browser wars with Chrome. However, “Bookmark support is still very limited in Chrome and it lacks a full bookmark management interface.” After doing some work, we found a way to work with Chrome at last.

Because Firefox addon is not supported by Chrome yet. We need use Bookmarklet to add the bookmark from Chrome. The steps are quite simple.

1. Goto the url:

2. Drag the link from web page to the bar.
create bookmarklet with Chrome

3. Click Add Power Favorites to add the new bookmark. There will be a message box to ask you if you’d like to launch an application, just click “Launch application” to continue.
Chrome message


New bookmark addon for Firefox 3.0

A new release of bookmark adddon for Firefox is avaiable now. It supports to work with Firfox 3.0. Power Favorites users can download it from here.


Power Favorites 1.6.1 released

This is a maintenance release with adds two new functionality: the ability to add new bookmark by bookmarklet and  sync folder automatically when adding a new bookmark .

  • – NEW: Auto Sync the folder when you add new bookmark.
  • – NEW: You can create a new bookmark by click the  Add to Power Favorites bookmarklet on your bookmark toolbar.
  • – FIX: The export to Firefox, Opera did not work correctly.
  • – FIX: Import from Firefox did not work correctly.
  • – IMPROVED: Auto sort the bookmark list by create date when you select a tag or folder.

Many people like to collect the bookmarks. But when the bookmark amount grows, it is hard to manage them. It is a waste if you can’t find any useful bookmarks quickly. The more bookmarks you add, the less you can find.  There are three ways to improve the productivity when you surf the web .

1. Use tags. Tags are keywords which are related to the content. Most of social bookmark sites take this way to help user for keeping their bookmarks. (, Blogmarks, etc). One advantage for tags is that you do not need experience the pain to consider which folder you should put the bookmark in. Just save the bookmark with the related tags you are familiar with, and you can pick them easily again.

2. Use Recent and Hot List. As 80-20 rule , people often use 80% of time to browse 20% bookmarks. Bookmarks which are added recently is a part of the 20% . And you should put all the bookmarks you access frequently in a hot list folder. So you can easy find them.

3. Use Hotkey. Keyboard is much faster than mouse. You can use CTRL+ALT+A To launch the bookmark manager. And you can customize the hotkey in the Option window. You can use up, down, right, left arrow to switch the focus among the search box, the tag list and the results list too.

Now you can ingore the folder when you add new bookmarks. The powerful search feature will help user never lose bookmarks again. And you can use tag to manage bookmarks.
We focused in improving the performance in this version. It can deal thousands of bookmarks in a few seconds. When you type text in search box, the bookmarks matched will display immediately.

The tag cloud can be customized now. There is a file named ‘tagcloudHeader.htm‘ in the installed directory. You can modify the css to change its appearence.

Download Url:


Power Favorites 1.3.1 released

Power Favorites 1.3.1 released yesterday. We add the feature to support IE7 tab browse. New window will pop up when you double click a bookmark in previous version. Now it only uses one window and adds new tab when open the bookmark. Add we improved the UI also. Here is a screenshot of new version. To see the large picture, click here.
Hot list



Four steps to sync favorites with Power Favorites:1.Install Power Favorites on your computer.

2.Create an account for synchronization.

3.Import local favorites to a Power Favorites file.

4.Upload the file to our server.

To find out more, see How to use Power Favorites to sync bookmarks


Power Favorites released

Power Favorites (formerly XBEL Bookmark manager) enables you to merge all your bookmarks(favorites) into one file, and synchronize them between computers and browsers. Formerly, there was plenty of support for online synchronization of Firefox bookmarks, but very little for Internet Explorer. However, Power Favorites works whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera. We even provide a free one-year synchronization service for registered users.

The product page is:

The download url is:


XBEL Bookmark Manager 1.2.2 released

  • Added support for browsing by tag cloud or tag list.
  • Added support for exporting XBEL bookmark file to IE, Firefox, Opera
  • Removed the web browser control
  • The shortcut of Firefox bookmark file can be converted to tags while importing
  • Fixed some minor bugs



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